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  • Before

    "It all started with my commitment to the WeighWellMD program at my doctor’s office, with all my 226 lbs, 5’-5” frame. After going through the program and its different phases religiously, I ended up weighing 156 lbs, at a total loss of 70 lbs, which is still my current weight 1 year later as I have been able to maintain the weight loss. The most amazing part of the whole story is how they helped me to improve my life. I am now off of most of my medicines that I was taking to control my cholesterol, diabetes and blood pressure, and now my glucose and cholesterol levels are completely back to normal. Thanks to the WeighWellMD program, I have been able to apply the tools that I learned, which have allowed me to recognize the factors that contribute to long term weight management. Thus, I now have a whole different approach in regards to eating and living a healthier lifestyle. I exercise daily at the gym, and still log and track what I eat. I’m always aware of how much I’m eating and able to compensate with additional exercise if I need to. The WeighWellMD program was the foundation of my lifestyle change. I was taught to eat three main meals and two snacks in between, and although there are some days when I “cheat,” I never gorge anymore. I have learned portion control and to look at the nutritional facts on all foods. In closing, I would like to thank OPTIFAST and the WeighWellMD team for offering such an excellent and truly effective program."

    Eduardo G

  • Before

    "I must say Awesome! I started off with a multi-year desire to lose weight, with no real success. I started off at 207 lbs and am now at 162 lbs! My triglycerides went from 193 to 81, my Hemoglobin A1c went from a 7.2 to 5.5, and pant size from a 42 to a 36. The program is straight forward , it is just a matter of staying on the recommended diet, drinking a lot of water and the will power and desire for success. The program prepares you a healthy plan once you reach your 12 week goal, to move into maintenance and your life there after. Weight loss without these tools generally would not last. I am now in the process of enjoying healthy activities, such as exercise, walking, etc. and have a positive attitude about my future!"

    Joe C. , Memorial City patient

  • I used to be fat. Not a depressed, sullen, or angry fat person who cries into ½ gallons of ice-cream or rocks in a corner while filling out a subscription for Cat Fancy kinda fat…but still. I had…have… a great life. I was happy with my job, my family, my social life, my spiritual life, and felt like I’d figured out how to navigate the world of single mom-dome, but in the quiet undercurrent of all that contentedness, was the steady thread of self-loathing that came every time I looked in a mirror, or saw pictures or videos of myself, or tried on clothes. I felt like a sassy, fun, skinny girl, trapped in a fat girl’s body. And last January, I finally took the first step to losing over 50 pounds and changing my life.

    Now, I’m ALL the way happy. My weight didn’t define me, and it still doesn’t. But the emotional weight of discouragement that comes with hating my body, was gone. I still don’t have a perfect body, by any stretch. But, I feel good when I look in the mirror, and that’s an amazing feeling. …It’s a feeling I really think I’d given up on ever experiencing again.

    A little about me: I’m a single mom of two, I work at a local church with singles and young adults, I’m on the dating scene, I love playing guitar, food & wine, going dancing, all things Christmas, and Jimmy Fallon.

    In January of 2016, I started the weight loss journey with WeighWellMD and my new sidekicks, Megan Vardeman and Crysta Baldwin, using the Opti-Fast shakes/bars/soups and doing the 800-calorie system. One of the things I loved about doing this diet alongside ‘helpers’ who I met with each week, was that they allowed me to tailor it to my own needs. For instance, pretty soon after starting the diet, I asked to incorporate green vegetables into it, to be able to have some “real food,” and they were gracious about the “cheat.” A few weeks in, I really felt like I needed an even higher protein/lower carb solution, so we switched me to the HP version of the shakes. And, because of an autoimmune illness I struggle with, I had to incorporate one ‘real meal’ back into the diet sooner than the program calls for, and they were both so encouraging of me doing whatever I needed – to succeed. And I did!

    Along the way, the weekly meetings became more and more insightful, a few even had some tears, and the support/friendship I felt from Megan and Crysta, as well as Bridget at the front desk, motivated me to run the good race, and finish strong. As of early summer, 2016, I’d lost 40+ pounds and was able to rock a swimsuit at the beach, with confidence. At the time of writing this, I’ve been finished with the program for a few months, and have lost (and kept off) 55 pounds.

    I still use the HP shakes for breakfast and the occasional meal replacement when I know it’s going to be a day where it’ll be tough to get to a healthy meal. And the added bonus is being able to say hello to the trio of friends I made, when I come to pick them up.

    As a lover of food, I’ve had to be creative about how to maintain this new healthy lifestyle. In addition to the physical fitness piece of the puzzle (I got a FitBit to track my steps, and I’m dancing and exercising more), I’ve also been exploring restaurants in Houston that offer yummy and healthful meals (shout out to Adair Kitchen, Local Foods, and True Foods Kitchen), as well as making meals differently at home (I’m currently addicted to my cauliflower pizza crust pizza…oh man it’s delicious). I also made a decision mid food-deprivation, that going forward, I’d give myself permission to be a snob about where I eat. If my friends want to eat cheap bar food, that’s fine, but I’ll hold out for higher quality restaurants or home-cooking.

    I wish I had some pithy and poignant tagline I could offer up to encourage you in your own weight loss journey, but the truth is it really is so different for every person – only you know what will motivate you. Here’s what I DO know – as I was looking through all my photos to find a “before” picture, I couldn’t find a single one where I wasn’t hiding behind my children or friends, or had cropped out a third of my body. I was living my life, hidden and cropped…ashamed of how I looked…being happy with everything else, but still so UNhappy about my body. Now – every time I put on a pair of size 8 pants (size 4 in “boyfriend” style…woot woot!), I love the way I feel. And the feeling of loss about what I had to give up (certain foods or ways of eating) is FAR surpassed by how amazing I look and feel.

    Sarah S.