The WWMD Program

As a medically supervised program, WeighWellMD plans offer a healthy solution to help you achieve your weight management goals

  • Consultation

    Initial weight loss consultation with Medical Director, Dr. Sejal Desai.

  • Assessment Day

    • Visit with our Registered Dietitian to review meal plans, meal replacement products, and use
    • RMR, scale, and the first week of food provided
  • Benefits

    Each of our patients will receive:

    • Weekly notes of encouragement from the team as we work together toward your goal
    • Accountability in our group classes that focus on health and lifestyle education
    • A digital scale with access to the app
    • Lifestyle Coaching
      • Monthly visits with Dr. Desai for weight management
      • Weekly virtual group sessions with Dr. Desai and other guest speakers
    • Personalized meal plans balanced with meal replacements and grocery store food options
    • Quarterly correspondence with your Primary Care Physician from WWMD
    • The option to add additional 1-on-1 visits with Dietitians